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Teeth Cleaning in Midtown East

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Importance of teeth cleanings

Teeth Cleaning in Midtown East
Teeth Cleaning in Midtown East

Having your teeth cleaned annually is very important in maintaining healthy gums and preventing future gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing techniques do a good job of keeping the mouth clean, but cannot penetrate the hard to reach places that our dentist can get to during a dental cleaning. For teeth cleaning in Midtown East, Dr. Verna & Dr. Mulahu provide a clean and comfortable environment.

Preventing gum disease, cavities and other oral health conditions is just the first step in good oral health care. Regular teeth cleanings along with a comprehensive exam can help to stop problems before they start as well as maintain a healthy, bright smile. Our dentists often are the first to spot other diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes because of their association to gum infections and periodontal disease. Coming in for a teeth cleaning in Midtown East at least once per year is the best way to prevent these problems along with other health conditions. Teeth cleaning and maintaining healthy gums can also help our dentists detect oral cancer early and treat the condition if needed. We will administer a teeth cleaning, comprehensive exam as well as oral cancer screening. An early diagnosis can help to combat future deterioration if caught in the beginning stages before it becomes more complex.

Having your teeth cleaned regularly also helps to keep the teeth white and bright and aesthetically pleasing. Because of this and the reasons listed above, it is imperative to ensure that you schedule your teeth cleanings and preventive care in a timely manner. The fewer problems you have now with your teeth, the less expensive future dental bills will be. Scheduling a teeth cleaning in Midtown East at our offices can help you not only maintain good oral health but also good overall health. Poor oral health can often have complications on your general health and contribute to inflammatory diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Verna and Dr. Mulahu believe in taking a preventive and educational approach to all patients and their dental care, making sure each of their needs is taken care of before leaving our offices.

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