Cavity Treatment in Midtown Manhattan

Dental Fillings in Midtown Manhattan

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Midtown NYC Porcelain Fillings

Dental fillings in Midtown Manhattan
Dental fillings in Midtown Manhattan

Are you looking for a great dentist in New York City who will be able to fill all of your dental needs? If so, you will want to visit us at our practice, Verna & Mulahu. At our practice we provide a wide array of dental care options including dental filings in Midtown Manhattan.

At our practice our two expert dentists are Dr. James Verna and Dr. Arianita Mulahu. Our dental practice strives to provide the highest quality of service in a trusting and respectful environments. Many patients come to us needing dental fillings for cavity treatment. There are several different types of dental fillings that are available today, and each type fills a specific need. Of course, patients coming to see us for dental fillings in Midtown Manhattan may have different desires regarding the type of filling they receive. We always are sure to discuss the pros and cons of each filling type so that we can best help our patient.

Traditional dental fillings in Midtown Manhattan are the silver amalgam fillings. These fillings are the strongest and are best for use in the back teeth of the mouth that need to withstand strong chewing forces. Traditional amalgam fillings also last longer than the newer composite fillings. Composite porcelain fillings are useful for providing an invisible filling for a tooth. Porcelain fillings are used as inlays and onlays so that a portion of a tooth can be filled in a way that cannot be readily seen. However this type of filling is not as strong as a silver amalgam filling. These porcelain fillings also may not last as long. But porcelain and composite fillings are the filling of choice when the cavity is in a tooth or a part of a tooth that is easily seen by others when you smile or open your mouth to speak. An additional benefit of porcelain fillings is that less amount of the tooth needs to be removed in order to make room for a porcelain or composite filling. Silver amalgam and porcelain ceramic fillings all have an important role to play when it comes to dental fillings in Midtown Manhattan. If you need cavity treatment and would like to be seen by one of our fine dentists, make an appointment today at our Verna and Mulahu dental practice.

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