Cosmetic dentist in Midtown East

Cosmetic Dentist in Midtown East

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Cosmetic smile makeovers in Midtown East

Cosmetic dentist in Midtown East
Cosmetic dentist in Midtown East

With a combination of implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding, you can have the set of teeth that you want, instead of the one you have. Here at the office of Verna & Mulahu, these four treatments used in conjunction with each other comprise our cosmetic smile makeovers. You may not need all four, but our cosmetic dentist in Midtown East will work with you to use the ones that lead to results that meet your goals.

First, you will come in for a consultation and examination. Our cosmetic dentist in Midtown East assesses the condition of your smile and tailors a unique strategy that is meant to meet your needs and preferences. If you have one or more missing teeth for which the empty space is visible when you smile, laugh, or speak, replacing them will be a top priority. Of course, even if the tooth is not visible, there are good reasons for putting in an implant, and that can still be included in the overall process. Fortunately, implants look like real teeth, and also feel and function like them. Now that your smile is full, the focus turns to the other aesthetic concerns you have about your teeth. This could include chips, misshapen or crooked teeth, wide gaps between your teeth, receding gums, and more. If your smile is stained or discolored, such as through years of smoking or drinking tea or coffee, our cosmetic dentist in Midtown East will perform whitening treatments to uncover the brilliance that is beneath the stains. And while veneers and bonding serve the same overall purpose, the best outcome may be to use one or the other or both in conjunction with each other.

Take that first step by contacting our office now and arranging an appointment to come in. Our cosmetic dentist in Midtown East looks forward to helping you transform your smile into one that you will be proud of.

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